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Board of Directors (2018-2019)

Name Board Title Primary Professional Affiliation
Cecilia Crawford President Executive Director, REACH of Cherokee County
Judith Alvarado Vice-President Executive Director, REACH of Clay County
Lisa Bradley Secretary Haywood County Health and Human Services
Julia Freeman Treasurer Executive Director of REACH Haywood County
Ashley Welch Board Member District Attorney, Thirtieth Prosecutorial District
Suzanne Soucier Board Member Managing Attorney, Legal Aid
Dr. Raymond Turpin Board Member Private Practice
Andrea Anderson Board Member Executive Director, REACH of Macon & Jackson Counties
Kathleen Balogh Board Member Regional Director, NC Council for Women

  • Nine Board Members are currently serving on the Board of Directors.
  • All Board Members contribute their time without financial compensation.
  • There are four quarterly board meetings held annually with 100% quorum in the past 12 months.
  • The length of board member term of service is stipulated in the by-laws for one year with annual re-election at the February meeting.

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